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    by  • 22 January, 2003 • Tech • 2 Comments

    DSCF03012501.gifIt finally happened! The state owned telephone company OTE at long last made true on its promise to install the ISDN line into my appartement. Not exactly within the agreed upon time frame, but let’s not split hairs now over details. The important thing is that I’m now once more a fully connected citizen of the digital village that you all inhabit. I have this photo to prove it. Watch the ISDN box to the right of the laptop screen.

    I’m still experiencing some problems with frequent line drops, but I’ve been tweaking my modem settings all evening and it looks like the connection now holds for longer than half an hour. Which is not bad considering that earlier in the afternoon it dropped every 3 to 5 minutes! Yes my friends, remember this when you curse your service providers for being slow or not delivering the expected quality, there are people still living in the digital stone age…

    I will start updating my blog first thing in the morning. Right now it’s 15 minutes past eleven in the evening and I haven’t eaten yet since the technicians left the building a bit after noon. But it was worth it, my ISDN phone works (+30-2810-360597), my modem works, and my line holds, what more could I wish for.

    Wish you all pleasant dreams and don’t forget to start reading the blog at the 4th of January sometime tomorrow afternoon.

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    1. Pascal
      23 January, 2003 at 18:07

      Hi Luc,

      Just a quick note the welcome you back to the civilized world!!


    2. gtatelier
      4 February, 2003 at 13:41

      Hallo Luc,
      We zijn “bijgelezen” !
      Sneeuwerige groetejes uit Bilzen.
      Nadine & Frans

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