• I need your opinion

    by  • 17 February, 2003 • Tech • 0 Comments

    I have been struggling lately with the layout of my website. I’d like to bring all the pages under one common format, or at least one common theme. My intention was to make them all look like the entry page. At the same time I’d like to keep an eye on the latest developments in web technology (notably XML, cascading stylesheets and accessibility standards) and the future. This brings me to the preliminary conclusion that it will be hard to keep the design of the entry page as it is now. I also have to take into account that I do not have full control over all the esthetic aspects of every page. For instance, the “Guestbook” page is created by a plug-in that my hosting company provides. This and most of the newer developments point to a direction of simpler design, based — again — on cascading stylesheets, completely dropping table-based design (that’s what the first page is based on).

    So, what do you think, would it be a terrible loss if I dropped the layout of the first page? Let me know, preferrable in the Guestbook section. I really appreciate your feedback.

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