• TiHiHiHime is on my side… No it’s NOT

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    For all those who wondered what was going on, and for all those who stopped wondering and started yelling at me, here I am again. Physically and spiritually in excellent shape, mentally slowly going nuts. As my pal Tom said: “I hope you didn’t go out and get a job or something crazy like that.” Well, I did exactly that. Let’s see if I can recap… No, I can’t. See, that’s part of the problem, life is going so fast these days that it doesn’t even leave a impression lasting enough for me to grab on to as a reference for my story telling.

    The big outline then: we got to the south for Easter, I think I told you that. Somewhere in April, wasn’t it? It was nice, really nice. I started blogging about that but I never finished it. Maybe later. Must do. Anyway, when we got back we ran around like crazy, visiting all kinds of institutions, schools, embassies, cultural associations, you name it, anything where foreigners get more or less organized, promoting Yvonne’s activities.

    Then on May 1, I started working for this tourist company, called Kavi Club. Really nice environment, up in the mountains, at the edge of a quiet village called Agios Mironas. All business is done through the internet (with some back-office support by fax and phone) and I got the pleasant task of analyzing the traffic to and through our sites. Analyzing is just a means to an end of course and the end is to drive more traffic to our sites. Go visit our main site for a look. Also, if you have a personal website, include a link on your pages if you want. It will increase our position in the rankings, driving up traffic to our site, which in turn is good for my position… By the way, if anybody has any idea how to do this job, please tell me.

    Oh yes, the job description? I get to analyze reams of log data, have to get to know how search engines work, how links are exchanged, how to compare our positions vis à vis our competitors, etc… Anyway, this is very addictive stuff. Big problem. Very addictive. Can you picture it? It’s six in the afternoon, time to go home, but I have this analysis running for 40 minutes on old log data and I guess it’ll only take another ten minutes. So I wait, naturally. Not ten minutes. Not twenty minutes. Fifty minutes later the analysis is abruptly ended because of some erroneous string or code or whatever in the log file. I have to start all over again. Hey, what the heck, Yvonne has an outside appointment and doesn’t expect me home for the next 2 hours. So I change a few parameters, fire up the program again and wait. Oh, but there is another computer sitting there idly on the next table. I can start working on another logfile easily while I wait for the first to finish… Oh, but wait, the server is not doing anything really, if I can just install this program on to it, it can actually do some work for me instead of just sitting there as a host of Mr. Gates’ server software…

    And so it goes… Can you picture what this does to a person’s personal life? Now that we are onto that subject, this is more or less how it looks:
    I get home just before Yvonne does, we start preparing our first meal of the day at around 11 in the evening, talk a little bit, plan for the next day, eat, go to bed, get up at 7 in the morning, I do my daily back exercises, followed by half an hour of meditation, then we do our 1 hour morning yoga exercises together, and I’m off again for work. I take the bus, so Yvonne can have the car. This steals more of my time though, since the bus takes about 20 minutes, but is so irregular that I usually lose another 40 minutes waiting for it. Don’t ask when the bus will be coming either! The answer is invariably “It will come”.

    By the way, did I tell you that I stopped smoking? I just did now, didn’t I? It’s been only 3 days and I don’t suffer from any nasty side effects, yet…

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