• Week in review

    by  • 27 June, 2003 • Uncategorized • 0 Comments

    If there is one thing to mention about this week it’s that it was soooooo hot, my brain was melting. The internet weather stations have all reported temperatures in excess of 30 degrees celsius. In this office that I am about to leave any minute now it felt more like 40 degrees… On wednesday I went out and bought one of those big ventilator thingies that keep blowing all the paper of my desk. At least it’s coooooool!!!

    Frans en Nadine arrived safely in Chania, spent some time in Kastelli Kissamou and should be on their way to Margeritas now. We will try to meet for a meal in the next couple of days. Might be a little bit difficult what with Yvonne’s schedule, but we’ll manage somehow. Would a a shame if we couldn’t see each other.

    For the rest of the week I can only mention that it was verrrrrrryyyyyy HOT!

    Hmmm, maybe Lucien is right in his comment on the previous item…
    Got to run now, bus is coming. Maybe there is a familiar face in the driver seat. Life can be soo exciting!

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