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    Tonight it struck me all of a sudden that after almost 9 months of Cretan incubation some things have changed in my life. They’ve gradually and slowly crept in without making big waves (am I mixing metaphores here?).

    For starters, I don’t smoke anymore. Thursday, May 15th at 8:10 in the morning I lit my last cigarette. Pretty neat, huh? I gave up when – back then – my lungs failed to follow the rithme of my early morning yoga exercises.

    Next, we almost never eat meat here. I think I wrote about that already. It’s not that we methodically ban meat, it just so happens that we rarely buy it. There is so much choice in vegetables that we don’t miss it. And living on an island, there is never a shortage of fresh fish, of course.

    Finally, I have seriously cut down on the coffee. That’s the last thing I would have expected myself! Like yesterday I had 4 cups of coffee all day. Back in Belgium I would have had 4 cups of coffee before I would utter my first words! Not to mention the 4 sigarettes that would have gone with the coffee! Before the end of the day I could easily have swallowed 4 liters of coffee, easily!

    I think this scientifically justifies a sticker on all Greek products, including tourist brochures: “Living in Greece can seriously NOT damage your health“. Whaddayathink? Should that perhaps read “Not living in Greece can seriously damage your health“?

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    1. Eric Dubois
      22 August, 2003 at 17:03

      Hi Big Brother,

      While you’re eating, drinking, sleeping and saving millions of euros on sigarettes and coffee…don’t forget your income-taxes in Belgium!!!
      By the way…our princess Mathilde has given birth to her second baby…Oooh we’re all so delighted…long live the taxes !

      Little Brother.

    2. Hilde
      19 March, 2004 at 22:10

      Geen sigaretten meer, bijna geen koffie meer, niet te geloven, niet meer te herkennen, de rest van de ‘oude’ Luc is er hopelijk nog wel!

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