• Just an ordinary day – the sequel

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    Is it Thursday already? Damnit! Last time I looked up, I was writing part 2 of this thriller account of my most ordinary day, and that was on Tuesday. How did Wednesday slip through?

    Okay, I know you’re all waiting with great impatience, so without any further ado here goes:

    With my cup of coffee I installed myself behind my desk and saw my collegues drop in one by one in the next half hour. It’s not very hectic for most of them these days, except for Giorgos and me who have the responsibility to set up the websites for the new season, which will start in January as far as we are concerned. So, there was lots of meetings this particular Monday, as we discuss the new layouts, for which Giorgos is responsible, also the new texts (with a view towards the effect they will have in the search engines – my responsibility). We don’t always agree on the approach to take and that’s only normal and healthy.

    By five o’clock I had finished my work and packed my laptop. It had rained a little bit that day, so I wanted to get ahead of the traffic in the centre of Iraklio.

    By the way, speaking of rain, the weather has finally changed now. Monday was still reasonably okay, what with a little shower around noon and then the same high temperatures in the afternoon. Tuesday however was totally different, with clouds, showers all day, the occasional thunder, and since then it has been more or less more of that every day. I have put socks on again on Wednesday. I never realised how much I hated socks!

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