• A ticket to fly

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    It’s done. Flight A3-540 leaves on Saturday 29, at 7 in the morning and we will land at Düsseldorf at 12:40, with one hour to kill in Athens. We will be in Belgium/The Netherlands for a week and a half. It’ll be a little busy probably, what with our presence required in the Greek embassy in Brussels, and the preparations to get Yvonne’s car ready for the road again (parked for 8 monhs, liquid gas installation to be removed, re-registering, etc) but I’m sure we’ll have some time to see many of you over a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or — could that be true? — a nice greek meal perhaps. We want to spend some time with our families too of course.

    On Thursday December 11 we will then head back to Crete in Yvonne’s car, driving to Milan the first day, then on to Ancona the next one where we take the ferry to Greece. We should arrive in Patras on Saturday around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. This leaves us ample time to drive to Piraeus where at 9 in the evening we will board the ferry to Iraklio. Sunday morning at 6 we should be home again.

    If anybody happens to be in the neighbourhood of Düsseldorf airport around the time we land there, we wouldn’t mind keeping you company on the long and boring way back south… Only if you have your car with you, of course.

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