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    It’s now three in the afternoon and the outside temperature must be around 24C degrees. That’s 75F for you decimally impaired. By the way, a happy thanksgiving to you bunch. Go easy on the gastrointestinal system.

    With this kind of weather there is more folk out there on the street than you would normally expect at this hour. Most of them are women. I can see them clearly through the large windows that I am facing as they pass by. Those are plain glass windows, no smoked or mirroring fancyness. Most of the women take the trouble of looking inside. I usually smile at them when I happen to look up. They never smile back. I tried waving at them. No reaction. They ignore me completely. I am sitting there in full sight and yet they pretend I am not there. They look at me, I can see that. Their eyes meet mine, yet they behave as if I don’t exist. They usually adjust the shoulder of their blouse, frolic a bit at their skirts or wipe aside some loose hair. One of them once stopped, turned to me, opened her mouth and started ticking her front teeth with a long nail, as if saying “with these I’m gonna bite you!”.

    Until I figured out that the eyes that were looking at me so clearly, never reached me. They weren’t going any further than the reflecting window pane. Amazing things, those eyes.

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    1. Paul Mannix
      1 December, 2003 at 21:37

      Happy Thanksgiving Luc and Yvonne! Have a safe and happy trip; and practice your ch’i gung while you are away from your island home.

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