• Stormy weather

    by  • 17 December, 2003 • Uncategorized • 0 Comments

    It seems we were just lucky, weather-wise, when we arrived here on Sunday morning. Allthough we had a little bit of rough weather at sea during the night, in the morning when we got off the ferry boat, the skies were clear and little later the sun was shining brightly. Monday at 8 o’clock in the morning I drove to the office in the mountains with 16 degrees outside and a warm sun. That was at 8 in the morning, mind you.

    Alas, those days are now permanently over, it seems. We have northerly gale-force winds beating on the island and the prediction is that snow will follow shortly. This morning I took the bus to the centre because I don’t like driving the car down with this type of weather. Greek drivers get very nervous when it rains so much. It took the bus 45 minutes for the route it normally does in 15 minutes. So much for me gloating…

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