• Yamas!

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    DSCF0034_1.JPGLiving in another country can put a lot of strain on a person. One has to get acquainted with all these novel things, rules, behavior, laws, food, language, history, geography, you name it, everything is different from what one is used too. And then there is the weather! What a dog! How can anybody get used to this weather, one has to wonder. Anyway, we’re coping, as you can see: Yvonne on this bright and beautiful Sunday at 4 in the afternoon. The poor thing, has to shield her eyes from that burning disc in the sky. See how miserable she looks?

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    1. Eric
      22 January, 2004 at 11:36

      Kenourios Chronos to all the readers of this message.
      I believe that Luc using his hitech material has slightly modified this photograph…or this picture was taken in the month of July 2003…that’s also possible. It’s impossible that you can have such a weather this time of the year in Crete…think of it…the high north of Crete…And then those two glasses of wine of wich one quite ostentatious on the forground.
      Is Yvonne wearing any ‘mono- or bikini’? No, this is fake.
      I think he’s making a fool of us…and pokes the fun at the ‘drizzle states’ that we – as the ‘leave behind’ – must endure.
      I’m certain…I think so…I hope so… or else…
      Yamas !
      Little Brother

    2. luc
      12 February, 2004 at 13:19

      I plead guilty. I have indeed used all the high tech gear that I could find around here: notably there is this thing, called “ilios” by the locals, which hangs in the sky and radiates a lot of heat and light. I thought you wouldn’t recognize it, being far less advanced technologically than we are, but there you have it, caught with my pants down again…

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