• I fought the spam and the spam won. NOT!

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    The last 5 to 7 weeks have been hell, blogwise. Somehow I got on the list of a gang of blogspammers. Blogspammers are people who exploit the comment function in blog entries to fill them up with URLs for their sites. They do this because this advances their position in the search engines: the more external websites that point to their website, the higher they rank in the search engines. That is simplifying it a lightyear, but it covers the essence of it. Typically they target old blog entries and leave a meaningless comment and their URL. The websites that these URLs point to are invariably of the type that offer enlargement of certain body parts (very popular, 90% of the cases) or promote excessive and cheap use of certain pharmaceuticals.

    Luckily I get a copy of these comments through my email so I am at least made aware of the fact. At the end I got more than a dozen of those each day. Every day I had to go into the system to clean up the mess. It’s a lot of manual trickery to remove them. The system was not designed with that in mind.

    Last week I found a plug-in for MovableType (the software that drives this blog) written by a guy named Jay Allen for blocking comment/trackback spam and cleaning up previous attacks. It’s a godsend. I have been completely spam free since.

    It is true that the good guys always win!
    Mark that G.W.B.!

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