• Riparian lord

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    I have 5 e-mail accounts and they fill up with spam faster than I can empty them. Lately it looks like they are targetting my .Mac account, that’s the e-mail account with wonderful integration into your operating system. That is, if you are a Macintosh user. Anyway, for those that didn’t know, I am a Macintosh user. That’s the main reason I brought this up.

    In the last hour I’ve got this mail from fred2yengeni@netscape.net who calls me “Dear Friend” and I don’t even know him, there is Tommy Mccoy who invites me to “be the dealer, win other players money bordello” — now, that last one is rude and wasn’t necessary, I never caused any harm to Tommy, there is jxxmc@overture.com who “now know[s] precaution asinine” — good for him, of course but where, if I may ask, do these guys learn to construct these phrases? — Della Belcher says “thanks for letting me know cowbell denver”; don’t mention it Della, it was done with pleasure, the “mbc group” either wishes me “good faith” or wants to know if I have it, I haven’t figured that one out yet, then there is jillpost@staunoise.de, ah that jillpost, always caring, always looking after other peoples interest, who is really worried about my “cholesterol and blood pressure”, Corinne Stevenson invites me to “The party”, sorry Corinne, I had other engagements, and finally there is Jacquelin Duffy which I had originally mixed up with Beffy, the vampire layer, who wonders “was it you riparian lord”; I’m very sorry, but I’m just an earthling, and it certainly wasn’t me!

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