• Mayday! mayday!

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    Everything they do differently here. I’ve never heard people wishing each other a “nice first of May”. Here they do that starting on the eve of May 1st, and all through the day itself. It’s very nice. By the way, people also wish each other a “nice week” on Monday and a “nice month” on the first of each month.

    Back to the first of May. The weather was beautiful, bright skies, sunny sun, everything you could wish for on a day like this. I suppose there are parades and speeches and stuff, like in many other countries. They probably do that in Athens. Here, everybody packs up the family and goes to the mountains, the beaches or the olive groves for a picknick. We are not such great picknickers, so we took the easy way out and went to a nice fish restaurant in Mílatos, some 40 kilometers east of Iraklio, past Chersonissos and Malia on the north coast. But not before we earned it by taking a walk to the Mílatos Caves first. The caves were as caves are. You bump your head a few times and then you’ve had it. But the way up was lined with wild oregano, which they call rígani here; maybe oregano is always wild, I don’t know, before today I’ve only seen it dried in little plastic bags. So this looked pretty wild to me. Anyway, it smelled delicious.

    We were not alone in the fish restaurant, which probably proves that the age old art of picknicking is on a decline. Good for the restaurant business though. The food was excellent, the atmosphere even better. Milatos is one of those small villages that try to attract tourists but don’t fully succeed. The locals on the other hand have found the way to the resturants that sprouted up alongside the beach. We stayed there for 4 hours. Just when we left they were taking out the bouzouki and the guitar. Damn! Next year we have to start later.

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