• That’ll teach her!

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    Stavros was brooding, I could see that from afar. He’s Andreas’ father, past 70 (but he won’t say how much), and I chat with him regularly on my way to the office in the morning. When I asked him what was wrong, he only grumbled something unintelligible and nodded his head towards his daughter in law, Carola, who was sipping her coffee, throwing angry glances at Stavros. They were obviously not speaking to each other.
    Carola explained to me: when she had gone to feed the chicken last night she found that one of them was constantly picking the head of another one. What was strange though was that the victimized chicken didn’t even try to move away. Upon closer inspection Carola saw that she was tied with one leg to the olive tree. She rushed in for scissors and 30 seconds later the tortured chick was liberated and running for her life chased by her attacker. At least now she had a chance to get away from the aggressor. Carola immediately suspected Stavros — who comes to feed the chicken in the morning, when Carola and Andreas are in the city centre — and phoned him to ask what the whole thing was about.

    “That’ll teach her!” was Stavros’ reaction. “She didn’t want to come off the nest for the last seven days, and thus didn’t give the other chicken the chance to lay eggs, so I tied her to the tree. That’ll teach her!”

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