• License to spam

    by  • 7 May, 2004 • Uncategorized • 0 Comments

    After I installed the MT-Blacklist to keep the comment spammers away from this weblog I had a couple of quiet days, spam-fighting wise. Not for long though. For over a week now, a certain Jay, sometimes calling himself Ray, both at home at this most productive of all spammers’ nests called Hotmail (yes, another Microsoft blessing), are poking for holes in my defense lines. They ususally succeed for a short while, until I get a warning that they tried, at which time I go into administrator mode and plug the hole. Once a day. At least.

    Unlike most other spammers who have a direct interest with the domain they try to promote, Jay and his alter ego Ray are professional spammers. They got a license to spam, so to speak. They’ll try to promote whatever domain they are paid to promote. You can tell from their arsenal of tools. That’s why they are the hardest to keep out. They got enough resources to keep trying, and all the existing defense tools are merely reactive: I or somebody else has got to be spammed first with a certain domain before this domain can be added to the blacklist.

    In the meantime I can only hope that Jay & Ray have a nice Porsche Boxster and that Microsoft for once does something in the interest of its customers. How about a lottery, Microsoft? Who knows, I might even consider joining Hotmail. Nah, just joking.

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