• And on the seventh day…

    by  • 9 May, 2004 • Uncategorized • 0 Comments

    A warning indicator in the dashboard lit up yesterday when we went to Karteros. The explanation in the manual said “bring the car immediately to a dealer”. Since no car dealer is open on Saturday or Sunday, that would have to wait till monday. Today I didn’t risk driving with it, unless it was absolutely necessary, so — while we desperately want to go to the sea, it was really hot — we decided to stay home.

    We still hadn’t cleaned the fall-out of the Notiás on our balcony, and thus, while Yvonne cleaned the house inside, I took out the big yellow gun, our water canon, and set out to give the balcony a good rub. Before long I was standing ankle-deep in orange water. There was a small problem with the drain it appeared. By the time I had cleared that, I looked like I had taken a swim after all. With clothes on. Around 3 in the afternoon, the balcony looked like freshly painted, Yvonne was ready inside, and we gratefully took our reward in the hot midday sun of another ouzo with what was left of the watermelon yesterday.

    Life can be a bitch sometimes.

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