• Monk of Wales or Prince of Athos?

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    Read this in the Guardian: Prince Charles was last night following the punishing schedule of life on Mount Athos, the remote religious community in northern Greece which he has undertaken to support financially. The prince, who was introduced to the male-only enclave by his cousin Constantine, the former king of Greece, will remain there until the weekend. Courtiers described the visit as “a very private affair”.

    However, the prince’s keen interest in eastern Orthodox Christianity has become a talking point in Greece amid claims, fuelled partly by local clerics, that he may be considering converting to the religion. Officials at St James’s Palace deny the suggestion.

    When I told my collegue Popi, she replied: όταν ο διάβολος γεράσει, καλογερεύει (ótan o diávolos gerási, kalogerévi – when the devil grows old, he becomes a monk).

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    1. Sir Thomas
      13 May, 2004 at 1:59

      Well minion,

      You have accused me of Anglophobia!

      I, sir, spent five years hanging on St George’s
      Cross in Toilet-upon-Thames. I have suffered their cuisine (FLOUR IS NOT A SPICE!)! I have abided their snobbery. I have parsed their sentences, I have labored pointlessly over their women on two continents. In short, I have earned my deep and abiding hatred of the English.

      Then, I read this!

      I am shocked! Shocked! Shocked to my very jodhpurs!

      Flogging is what you need!

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