• From Patras to Iraklio

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    The ferry arrived a little late in Patras. At 3 o’clock at night we had docked in Igoumenitsa, meaning that we were still on track then. Something must have happened thereafter, but nobody informed nobody. At around 12 at noon we drove off the ramp, one and a half hour behind schedule. We dropped our initial plan of going to Korynthos to visit the archaeological remains there and opted to spend the 3 or 4 hours left on the beach, east of Patras, followed by a nice meal in the shade of a big Platanós tree, before starting the 3 hour drive back to Piraeus. The road from Patras to Piraeus has been improved a lot since we came here last time in December. It’s almost a pleasure to drive east now. It was hot though and when we approached Athens around 7 in the evening it was still 29 degrees centigrade. We drove straight to the port of Piraeus, as always a challenge in itself to get there, with signs giving directions few and ususally hidden behind a bush or a tree. The ferry was ready for embarcation and we could drive directly to the lower deck and park the car. After one last cold coffee (frappé) in the already crowded bar, we installed ourselves in the reclining chairs and fell asleep before the boat left the port. At 5 in the morning we woke up, got one last coffee, hot this time, and proceeded to the car deck. Half an hour later we were home.

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