• Alice Cooper says so

    by  • 10 June, 2004 • General • 4 Comments

    School’s out for summer
    School’s out forever
    School’s been blown to pieces

    Well, not exactly, maybe not forever, but today marks the end of the school year here in Greece. I passed a few schools when on the bus this morning, and all of them had the school yard filled with pupils, for one last time attentively listening to the final proclamation by their headmaster or ditto mistress. Until September 11 they will be free as birds to roam the vast Greek country side, flee the heat to one of the islands, or sit at home bored stiff. Three months vacation, what a concept!

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    1. Tom
      15 June, 2004 at 16:16

      Three months?

      Standard practice in Umuruku, or it was when I was a kid. Now, it’s been captured by “organized recreational activities”. Huck Finn is “afgelopen” in this part of the world.

      Didn’t realize until I lived in Holland and, then, England that Eurokids were only furloughed for one month per year.

      No wonder you folks are so well-behaved. Idle minds are the devil’s workshop. That said, the devil’s workshop is a fun place, the devil’s tools, fun tools.


    2. luc
      15 June, 2004 at 16:55

      Them in the rest of Yurp make up for that “lack” of free time during their youth by accumulating months long vacations at the work place. Here in Greece we have to make do with a meagre 4 weeks. Only if we work, of course!

    3. Tom
      15 June, 2004 at 17:55

      Vacations? Holidays?

      Dreams slaves dream.

      We freelance anarchists don’t know what day of the week we are (pardon my french). That’s all what Martin Heidegger referred to as “they time”.



    4. Tom
      16 June, 2004 at 5:12


      You give me pause.
      One Catholic lad to another,
      Do you remember the summer?
      The summer of our youth?
      When, putting all the ultramontane catechism aside,
      We learned the meaning of ‘eternity’
      And took it in stride.
      Vacation to us now,
      But then?
      The Universe.
      No end.

      Yes, when we came of age,
      Too early,
      You shoveled pig shit
      And I collated paper
      But earlier,
      We just walked in the fields
      Me in the heat and humidity,
      The cleansing sweat,
      And you in the deep, dark womb of Limburg.
      We didn’t know then
      That we were walking side-by-side
      And kidding one another through life.

      That feeling?
      Come kids,
      Take it from me.
      I weary of joy.


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