• Hot, hot, hot

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    It’s getting hot here. Very much so. Well beyond 35 degrees, Celsius that is. For you Fahrenheiters, that’s the equivalent of 95 euh… points or something. Yvonne and I went to the south coast on Sunday to cool off, after trying the beach east of Iraklio on Saturday. Too many waves there, all red flags on every beach. If you can’t get into the water, what’s the point? The sand is hotter than the floor tiles in our apartment. Might as well stay there then. So, up to the south. Or down to the south, depending on your geographical orientation. We took the difficult road, about 1 hour drive from Iraklio to Pirgos over asphalt, we had to ask in the center of town for directions, then exit Pirgos through the backdoor, 60 minutes steep into the mountains over a dirt track and another 90 minutes descent over the same quality dirt road. It was breathtaking! Unbelievably beautiful hot dusty glory of hard rock all around us. Until we spotted the blue waters at Tris Eklisíes. There we learned that there was an easy road from Chárnakas, 5 kilometers west of Pirgos. But nobody claimed it was beautiful.

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    1. Peter
      26 June, 2004 at 15:45

      Hello Luc,

      Although I shudder at the thought of 35C, we just had two days of wind up to 110 Km/H. In knots that is…
      That is not very promising for the start of summer. For our holidays in the Ardennes, 4 weeks from now (near Rochefort where they brew the best Trappist beer of …?) I hope for intermediate values in both respects.

      When you live in the country that you used to spend your holidays in, where do you spend your holidays?
      Enjoy your brave decision!

    2. luc
      4 July, 2004 at 16:26


      It’s very simple really, you spend your holidays where you always liked to spend them… What attracted us then is still there, it’s just that we now get more of it!

      Enjoy the Trappist!


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