• Nigritude ultramarine: finale

    by  • 8 July, 2004 • Uncategorized • 0 Comments

    It’s over, and it’s obvious I didn’t win. I never even came close to that. To be honest with you, after the first milestone (one iPod to win) I concluded that I was no match for the other players. I did get to position 101 on May 23, then I sank faster than a rock and wasn’t visible in the first 250 positions anymore. The winner of the second and final round was made public yesterday, although for those who followed the competition, he was not a mystery. It was a done deal from the moment he decided to participate. The nice thing about that is that he proved my approach to be the right one: his technique consisted of inviting the readers of his popular weblog, which discusses technology and blogging, to put links on their site to his one blog entry on “nigritude ultramarine”. Does that sound familiar to anyone? I’m afraid he has far more readers than I have, for good reason. Check out his site, it’s interesting.

    Again, it’s a good site that won, and not one of the spammers that we saw in the beginning of the competition. All that I need to do now is thank you for the effort you put into it to support me. If you have put up links on your site(s) you can safely remove them now. Thanks again for playing.

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