• Yes, Virginia, we do IT too!

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    I know, I know, the roof above the main stadium, the building contractors, the power surges, or worse: the power breaks, and to top it off, the terrorist treats, it’s all doom and gloom about the Olympic Games. You would almost be forgiven to doubt that anything goes well. Okay, you at least are convinced — I hope by my previous articles — that the Greeks will make sure that you have a great time in the taverna’s, but we do some other stuff too. We do IT in style! My former collegues who shall further remain unspecified will certainly appreciate the follwing facts. Edje, wad vungste hie vaan? Woar dat niks veur diech? A bitsje arsjetektureren?

    The Olympic’s IT network will support 10,500 servers and workstations at 36 competition venues and 26 housing and administrative centers. More than 200,000 people will have access to the network, including athletes, coaches, VIPs, corporate sponsors and national Olympic committees. In all, more than $420 million will be spent on IT operations and security. Consider that the entire network needs to come together quickly, be used extensively and then disappear. This makes it harder to get things right.

    Will it work? Of course it will work! If necessary we will shovel these bits in and out of the systems.

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