• The night America died

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    Disclaimer: I didn’t write this, I wished that I had or that I could, but I didn’t and I can’t. This was passed on to me by a friend, sorry I don’t know the source or author, it speaks for itself though…

    I dedicate this to a friend in the U.S. who had tubes hanging from him
    in a hospital ward, prohibiting him from exercising his democratic rights,
    and to all the others who were unable to do what they more than
    anything wanted to do! But couldn’t… make the difference.

    For those of us that might be tempted to condemn a whole nation, remember that more than 55 million Americans didn’t want this anymore than we do.

    The United States of America died on November 2, 2004 after a long and bitter fight against its ailments. Cause of death was the collective blindness of more than 58 million of its citizens: voters who accepted lies and called them the truth, who embraced evil and called it strength, who saw failure and called it resolution, who bowed to fear and called it the Word of God.

    In lieu of flowers, the few remaining American patriots ask that donations of faith and good will be sent in the name of the late nation to the future United States of Europe, the last slim hope for the survival of peace, justice and civic virtue.

    To all of you in America who voted for Bush and the rest of the Republicans, I can only ask: what the hell were you thinking? How do 58 million supposedly intelligent people make a decision so abundantly stupid, and so clearly against their own self-interest? How does that happen?

    I do hope that you 58 million enjoyed the process, because it’s the last time your vote will ever mean anything. By sweeping the Talibush back into the White House and expanding their control of Congress, you have guaranteed more “redistricting” and “voter purges” and “consolidation” and “loyalty oaths” for as far as the eye can see. And given the republicanization of all forms of the news media, you won’t even realize until it is far too late that you have surrendered your rights forever.

    But your damnation is now etched in stone. The the criminal actions of the last four years, you are complicit in those crimes. The blame is on your heads, and the blood is on your hands. We had one last chance to save this country, and you 58 million fools and knaves made sure that evil won out.

    In the months and years, some of you may realize what you have done. What will be your moment of realization? Perhaps it will come in the wake of a decision from a Supreme Court packed with Scalias and Thomases. It may strike you when the police are at your door after the castration of the Fourth Amendment, or when you are taken away to a clandestine military trial in a secret location for a undisclosed crime against the state. Or realization may come more quietly, when your daughter dies of a perforated uterus from a back alley abortion.

    Maybe your folly will become clear to you when your child or grandchild is choking with asthma caused by coal pollution courtesy of another “Clean Skies”initiative, or when your elderly parent picks badly in the choice between food and medicine.

    Will you think back to your vote in 2004 when you reach retirement age and you suddenly realize that your own private “Social Security” account has been looted by corporate thieves, and the thieves are immune from liability because of “tort reform”?

    Will you wonder how things might have been different when your own job is outsourced to India, and your only consolation is a bowl of soup from the local “faith-based” group of fundamentalist Christian proselytizers?

    Will your last conscious thought before Alzheimer’s closes your mind forever be a question about whether there really was something to that business about stem cells?

    Will you cry out to take back your decision, when the republican perpetual war machine reaches out to draft your son or daughter for the next foreign excursion in the War on Terror? Or will you only cry when that son or daughter is shipped back to you in pieces by the dark of night? Will you display your gold star proudly? Will you take comfort in the thanks of a “grateful president”?

    Or will your stupidity only become clear to you when the republican war machine sets off the final and irrevocable clash between cultures and civilizations? Will you pound the ground with regret when you realize that the ultimate showdown with the Muslim world won’t make you safe, and that the actual Armageddon doesn’t mean you get a first-class seat for the Rapture?

    Maybe I expect too much. Perhaps it is unreasonable to expect a way of life or the concept of a country to last more than 200 years. But it galls me that our system of government wasn’t undercut by natural disaster or overwhelmed by outside enemies. Rather, it was voluntarily surrendered by 58 million fools and fanatics yielding to a small band of criminals, criminals who have no concept of truth, no sense of shame, no measure of compassion, no appreciation for history, and no driving force save their own economic and political aggrandizement.

    Well done, Bush voters. Well done. Enjoy it while you can.
    For soon, the screams will be too loud to bear.

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