• Set your agendas

    by  • 16 December, 2004 • Travel • 0 Comments

    I made a mistake in the Not to worry entry. Ioanna of the world renowned Greek hide-out in Briegden informed me that they are closed on December 28. So we are setting up basecamp on December 23 instead, one week from now. It’s a bit of a shame really, because the “onnozel” aspect of the gathering will be lost, but we can’t help that. On the other hand, as wikipedia reports, its the 358th day of the year, at least in a leap year, with only 8 days remaining, so I guess that counts for something, symbolicalness-wise. And if that’s not enough for you, it also happens to be the anniversary of the first demonstration of the transistor at Bell Laboratories, in 1947 no less, exactly 57 years ago, how much more synchronicity can a man want? Me thinks that alone justifies a small gathering of devotees to the good cause, whatever that is.

    So, December 23, it’s a Thursday, we’ll see you there… You can’t miss the place. If you take a reasonable quality globe and give a good spin clockwise, stop it when England comes in sight, then it’s a few hundred kilometers east, at the left just before the old stone bridge over the Albert canal. It’s called Alkahof. And they serve Greek food, did I mention that?

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