• Merry and happy

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    “What’s with the boat”, you’re asking? Well, before the Greeks imported the custom of the christmas tree, they used scale models of boats in just the same fashion as other parts of the world used pine trees. They would dress up the boat in similar ways, with candles and balls and other glittering garlands. No presents were put in or around it though, I’ve been told. Now the commercialization has hit the country and one rarely gets to see a christmas boat anymore. Shame.

    This is it, the last post for this year. It was a great year for us. We are more than ever convinced we made the right decision in coming here. We sometimes find it hard to realize that we’ve been here for almost two years already. But we are, we survived the bureaucracy, we made lots of new friends, we stil have dreams left to fullfill, and we thank your for your contributions in realizing our dream so far. Yes, you! You might have encouraged us explicitely, said a simple word that made us think of a different approach, thrown a glance that said more than words, or you pushed us in the right direction by simply not saying anything at all, who knows how a butterfly in Tibet causes a storm over the Atlantic? So, thank you all!

    We will take the plane tomorrow morning at Iraklio Airport and be back on December 30th in the evening. I won’t have much time, connection or bandwith for further entries while we are in Belgium/Netherlands, I’m afraid.

    Yvonne and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the best for the next year. Thanks everybody for putting up with me during 2004. I will try to be a better blogger in 2005… I promise. I hope you’ll be back too. So long!

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