• Back to 4Mbps ADSL

    by  • 8 January, 2008 • General • 0 Comments

    Day 13. I went down to the city centre today to plead with kyría Ioanna (the new DSL tsarina) to speed up the process of downgrading me to 4Mbps. She really did her best, talking to various persons on the phone, to make my case a priority. I’m now back home for 3 hours and nothing has happened yet. Whether she has succeeded remains to be seen. I hope everybody will forgive me for being a tad skeptical.

    This post is also a test to see if I can add postings to this new WordPress based blog of mine by simply sending an e-mail to a secret address. Hold your breath!

    On second thoughts, strike that, don’t hold your breath. There is something in the routine which handles this functionality that breaks my post after the “kyr” of “kyría”. It stumbles over the accent, so far is clear. Could have something to do with the fact that Apple Mail doesn’t send e-mail in HTML format. I’ll need to investigate a bit more.

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