• Asynchronously reconnected

    by  • 9 January, 2008 • General • 0 Comments

    Last night, at 22:40 my ADSL line came back to life, after having shut down around 17:00. OTE finally switched me back to 4Mbps. I guess kyría Ioanna came through for me after all. The bumpy 24Mbps ride seems to be over. Thanks for your sympathies, everybody.

    Blog conversion progress

    • I’ve added Tom’s biography of me back to this blog now, and put those postings in a separate category. I couldn’t find a way to have them separate from this blog, like I used to under MovableType.
    • I’ve also redirected the old RSS feed to the new URL. In case you’re reading this over RSS you should be fine now. It had escaped my attention at first.
    • There is a contact form now, which you can access from the main menu. Unlike with the old blog I’m no longer putting our e-mail addresses on the web, for too much spam mail resulted from that.
    • What remains to be done is the old permalinks and the old image locations. You’ll notice that they don’t work yet. Pictures will be missing from postings and your existing bookmarks to individual pages will turn up a “page not found” error (albeit a very nice one), same as all internal links to previous articles. I’m working on that. Stay tuned.

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