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    An article in Athens News caught my eye today. According to it, Greeks gamble to the tune of 8% percent of Greece’s GDP, or larger than the market capitalisation of the Greek Telecom organisation (OTE). To be precise: more than 16 billion euros have been gambled away this year. Wow! The total population of Greece is about 10.700.000 people. From my personal observations here I would deduce that it is mostly men that gamble, which leaves around 5.150.000 gambling candidates. Subtract from that the infants and other minors that are either not allowed or don’t have the means to gamble, we are left with 4.150.000 potential gamblers. That leads to the average sum of 3.850 euros per head spent on gambling. Or 320 euros per month. With an average declared salary of 700 euros per month, what’s wrong with these figures?

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    1. Kat
      14 January, 2008 at 1:18

      As usual, something ain’t right in the world of Greek stats! 😉

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