• Appointment at IKA

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    One winter morning I had an appointement for my mammogram at 9.00 am at the IKA clinic. I was there at 9.00 am, the door of the cabinet was open but there was nobody in. I thought of knocking next door to look for the doctor or nurse and when the door opened I saw a group of them partying… I mean having morning coffee with chats and laughs. I asked about my appointement with some astonishment, I’m sure, on my face and a blond woman with a daring cleavage told me in a plain voice to wait outside. I waited for some five minutes and then found out there was a coffee shop in the clinic. That coffee shop had a lot of character, I thought. It was cozy, it had a big photo of Melina Merkouri and others so, forgetting my reason for being there, I ordered a greek coffee and lit a cigarette while talking with the people around me.

    My coziness was interrupted by the appearance of the same blond woman who opened the door of the room where they had gathered and walked to the room next door where the mammograms are taken. As she saw no one there her look wandered around to find the patient. It just so happened that, at the moment she located me in the coffee shop, I looked at her and as our eyes met she made a sign to me saying “Take your time! Finish your cigarette!”

    I do not know whether I describe this Fellini scene well for a foreigner to realize how hilarious it was but it still makes me laugh!

    I remember that I was smiling decently… during the whole mammogram procedure, feeling relaxed and thinking that if mammograms are done in these conditions the rates of cancer must be reduced.

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