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    We have a new internet phenomenon in Greece. It’s called the “blog spot”. I don’t know what it is. I spotted (pardon the pun) it first in an article of eKathimerini which I quoted earlier. At that time I postulated that it might be some as-yet-undiscovered variant of the G spot. But I didn’t really mean that. It seems to be spreading though, so it might be some contagious condition. More recently Devious Diva in her excellent This is not my country blog quoted Nikos Drandakis, one of Greece’s leading bloggers [sic], as saying:

    […] more blog spots with anonymous allegations and comments, like press-gr, will appear.

    and further down

    And all this is happening because of blackmail allegations involving one blog spot.

    I’ll let you know when and how the mystery of the blog spot unfolds…

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