• Scenario of a strike

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    DAY 1

    Government: we are going to pass a law to re-organize the Greek pension funds.
    Unions: Oh no, you’re not! Don’t touch our pensions or we’ll organize massive strikes for weeks, leave the garbage cluttering the sidewalks and the streets, cut down the electricity to hundreds of thousands of households, sabotage the financial centers, and cause some other havoc that we can’t think of right now!

    DAY 2

    Government: sorry guys, but we’re still going to pass this law.
    Unions: we STRIKE!

    DAY 3

    Government: guys, won’t you reconsider?
    Unions: we won’t give in!

    DAY 4 to 15 (or thereabouts)

    Government: we plan to go ahead with the pension fund restructuring.
    Unions: we will fight this till the end!

    Day 16 (or thereabouts)

    Government: well, we passed the law.
    Unions: oh, this is the end? Better get back to work then. Nice talkin’ to ya…

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