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    ERT’s fine journalists had me cringe again today. Consider the following quotes from a recent article:

    According to results of two recent gallops, the ND party is firmly in the lead against PASOK party


    In a gallop conducted by Public Issue on behalf of Skai channel and Kathimerini newspaper, […]

    and finally…

    Another telephone MRB gallop sponsored by Alpha TV channel after the NATO Summit in Bucharest […]

    So, after the “blog spot” of a few weeks ago, we have a new phenomenon here in Greece: the gallop! From an quick analysis of the above quotes we can conclude that a) a gallop is conducted, b) a gallop has results, c) a gallop can be sponsored and d) a gallop can “happen” over the phone. What’s a gallop? Given the context above I doubt very much that it is this:

    gallop |ˈgaləp|
    noun [in sing. ]
    the fastest pace of a horse or other quadruped, with all the feet off the ground together in each stride : the horse broke into a furious gallop | riding at full gallop.
    • a ride on a horse at this pace : Will went for a gallop on the beach.
    • a very fast pace of running or moving.

    …which is what my online “New Oxford American Dictionary” says it is.

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