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    We will be taking a short trip to the Low Lands as per tonight. I will (finally) attend a Zhineng Qigong workshop with Patricia van Walstijn in Nijkerk (The Netherlands). I’ve been looking forward to that for a long time. Back in 2003 I learned about Zhineng Qigong through a symposium that Yvonne had attended. I started practicing on my own assisted by a videotape of Patricia, who brought ZNQG from China to the Netherlands and Europe. Because of some old back problems I had to stop my practicing for relatively long times at regular intervals. The thing is, when you do that, it gets harder to pick up the routine again. ZNQG is something you are supposed to do every day, like brushing your teeth. I needed help, possibly I wasn’t doing some of the movements right. But there are no Zhineng Qigong practitioners or instructors in Crete (or Greece, as far as I know). So, I continued on my own, starting afresh when my back permitted it and halting when it refused to cooperate. Not good. My longest stretch of uninterrupted daily practice was 176 days. My longest period of non-practicing in those 5 years is 288 days. Not good at all. Tomorrow it will be 289 days. The day thereafter the workshop starts. I’m hoping that some professional tutoring will set me on a path of uninterrupted practice.

    We’ll be back fully energized I’m sure on Monday 21st, just in time for Megali Evdomada and the onslaught of the first invasion wave, led by Ruud and Yolanda on Friday 25th. Summer is right around the corner!

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    1. kat
      14 April, 2008 at 23:58

      Qi gong is great! I studied with Master Chia for awhile many years back in California. Hardly use it though, it’s a shame really.

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