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    Red Bull

    by  • 4 March, 2008 • General • 0 Comments

    As I was about to leave a shop today, I heard the voice of a beggar outside asking for help, so when I was out on the street I looked for him. An aged, dark and tortured face was there. Maybe a gypsy. I got close and gave him my little something and went...

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    Appointment at IKA

    by  • 10 February, 2008 • General • 0 Comments

    One winter morning I had an appointement for my mammogram at 9.00 am at the IKA clinic. I was there at 9.00 am, the door of the cabinet was open but there was nobody in. I thought of knocking next door to look for the doctor or nurse and when the door opened I...

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    Greeks always win

    by  • 20 January, 2008 • General • 3 Comments

    What follows is a story that I was told the Russians tell about us: One day God got up exhausted from governing the planet and so He decided to divide the whole globe into pieces, call all the different nations and give them a piece each, so that from then onwards they would be...

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    Introducing… Aretússa

    by  • 13 January, 2008 • General • 0 Comments

    I told you that I was trying to entice Aretússa to write down the little stories that she keeps telling us so that I could publish them on my weblog. Well, Aretússa didn’t hesitate long. This morning I found the following in my mailbox. Without further ado, and by way of introducing Aretússa, I...

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