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    Oh no, not about water again!

    by  • 14 July, 2008 • General • 0 Comments

    I’m terribly sorry, but water these days is the only thing I have on my mind, and since you were interested I our faring, you’ll get what you asked for. The last time we had a tiny little bit of water coming out of the pipes was on Tuesday, 8th July. That’s almost a full...

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    Water you mean?

    by  • 8 July, 2008 • General • 0 Comments

    You’re forewarned, this is about water again. It appears that I worried for nothing the last time I posted here. Of the seven days that passed since that message, we’ve only had water twice, each time for about 2 hours around 7 in the morning. Since it gets rather warm early on in the morning...

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    Pump my water

    by  • 1 July, 2008 • General • 0 Comments

    As I said in a previous article, the house owner has now installed an electric water pump, so that we can fill a 1000 liter reservoir (“deposito”) on top of the roof, even when there is little pressure on the supply side. The problem is that this is a purely manual system and I...

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    Avatars for WordPress 2.5.1 and Fjords theme

    by  • 25 June, 2008 • Tech • 0 Comments

    I recently volunteered to assist in the migration of a wordpress.com hosted blog to a self-hosted installation of the open source wordpress CMS. As far as the technical aspects were concerned all went pretty smooth. The challenge appeared to be to make the self-hosted site look exactly like the wordpress.com hosted blog.

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    Monday morning

    by  • 23 June, 2008 • General • 3 Comments

    That’s the answer to my last question “How long does a Saturday afternoon in Greece last?”. Answer: until Monday morning. We did get a visit by a technician from the water works on Sunday though. But it wasn’t clear to me what he came to do. He ascertained that we had indeed no water,...

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    Saturday afternoon

    by  • 22 June, 2008 • General • 5 Comments

    We have been rationed for our water supply since October last year. If we had one hour of water a day we counted our blessings. When we had water, we would be so lucky to have sufficient pressure to fill the tank on the roof, so that when water was cut off again we...

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    by  • 17 June, 2008 • Tech • 0 Comments

    That was kind of a long break. I’ve been exploring the social networks, what I call the sociosphere™, sometimes referred to as the Microblog Community. I didn’t find the whole idea attractive over a year ago when it started, but now I’m fascinated by it. It’s compelling, addictive even.

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    More motorbikes and helmets

    by  • 1 June, 2008 • General • 3 Comments

    Piraeás was still sleeping when I arrived. I wandered around for a few hours before the shops would open. No need to hurry since my appointment with Michalis was at 11:00, and the one with the seller at 15:00. Michalis’ shop, called Classic Motorcycles Ltd is at Kalliroïs Street, south of the Acropolis, where...

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    Motorbikes and helmets

    by  • 30 May, 2008 • General • 4 Comments

    I’m on the ferry to Piraeás, destination Athens. Two weeks ago I saw Manolis’ Royal Enfield Bullet 500 and I knew immediately that that was the motorbike I had been saving my money for for the last 5 years. Simple, spartan and with this oh-so seductive old-timer’s look. After some research I decide not...

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