• The problem with standards…

    by  • 28 December, 2002 • Tech • 1 Comment

    … is that there are so many. Take for example HTML. Boy, I’ve been strugling with getting my blog page (Cretan Chronicles) present itself nicely in the same way as my main entry page, but unsuccessfully so far. The problem is that the graphics in the main page still rely heavily on tables for accurate positioning. The blog page doesn’t use tables at all but relies solely on stylesheets (CSS2 for the connoisseurs among you) and I can’t get the two combined in a way that works for all browsers. This stinks! The biggest sinner is of course Internet Explorer…
    Until I’ve solved this issue, you will have to do with the two separate layouts and no way to navigate from the Chronicles to the main page. Since I’m due for Venice at the end of next week, and haven’t even started packing yet, I’m afraid you’ll have to put up with that unitil sometime in the second half of January. My apologies for that.

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    1. Pascal & Lucinda
      29 December, 2002 at 12:42

      Hoi Luc & Yvonne,

      Toch nog even mijn complimenten uitspreken voor jullie website. Ziet er allemaal prima uit.
      Een heel goede reis Luc, en veel succes in Kreta.
      Wij zullen de “Cretan Chronicles” nauwkeurig blijven volgen.

      Heel veel groetjes,
      Pascal & Lucinda

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