• It’s all in the box

    by  • 30 December, 2002 • Travel • 0 Comments

    Today was spent running around the house and measuring things up. The point came up because Yvonne and I realized that sooner or later we had to arrange for transport of our possessions to Iraklio. When moving stuff across two seas, one had better plan these things a bit more carefully. Fortunately we never invested a lot in material goods. Our furniture looks like it all comes from second-hand stores. That’s because it does. So we leave that behind without shedding 1 tear. The only thing we attach some value to, are our books, and my computers, of course. It turns out we need some 120 standard moving boxes for a total volume of 8 cubic metres. For the rest of the goods we still had the original packaging material (computers, freezer, washer) and together with chairs, tables, etc, those amount to another 10 cubic metres. Pretty lean, huh?

    Next I contacted a couple of international transport companies that specialise in overseas relocation. They got the inventory list that I drew up during the first part of the day. We’re awaiting their offers now. By the time we get them I will be on my way to Crete where I count on contacting one or two other local movers (hopefully not shakers). We’ve been told by friends who live there already that it will be cheaper to get a Greek truck drive up to Belgium and back. The Greeks probably can arrange for some cargo to bring on their way to Belgium, which lowers our price. There is always room for negotiations with the Greeks.

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