• Catching up

    by  • 23 January, 2003 • General • 0 Comments

    To all of you who exercised so much self control and patience I want to express my greatest gratitude. I’ve now entered the logs of the first days, the journey to Iraklio. There are no pictures yet, I will add those later today or tomorrow.

    Now I must be off to my first tenants meeting: I found a note under my door requesting my presence in the appartement of one “kiría Stamatáki” to discuss the service costs that we all share in this building. I’ve learned that there are 8 other tenants here, none that I know, except the lady upstairs, Birte, who is German. I’m very curious. I hope kiría Stamatáki knows how to make a good Greek coffee…

    I will gradually add postings for the remaining missing days in the folowing hours and days. Happy reading in the meantime.

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