• Baby, it’s cold inside

    by  • 8 February, 2003 • General • 1 Comment

    It’s been fridgin’ cold for 3 days now. Not so much outside, but inside the apartment. There is some problem with the central heating and either the technicians haven’t been able to fix it, or they haven’t been. Period.
    I had been chilled to the bones for the last couple of days, so today I went out and bought one of those applicance that most of the Greeks have at home because the central heating continually gives up or something. I don’t know much about these things. I reads 2000W on the label at the back and it is of the convector type. It doesn’t smell good, but at least it keeps me warm.

    Weather is bad compared to the first couple of weeks when I arrived. Mostly rain and when it doesn’t rain there is a strong wind coming in from the north that blows through all the apertures in the house. And there are quite a few of those. Almost every window “leaks” air. I have my desk next to one of those and I regularly have to escape to the streets (and into a coffee shop) to warm up a bit. At least it’s not freezing or snowing.

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    1. Eric
      11 February, 2003 at 19:17

      Hi, Big Brother,

      In Belgium the weather is fine, it’s 18°, the sun is shining, no wind, no rain…the people are happy, ice cream, a cold Belgium beer…
      By the way…how are you doing?


      Sorry…I’m kidding…
      It’s cold (around 0°) but dry.
      I’ve been looking forward to your new pages.
      It has been too cold lately for tapping on your apple…I think.
      Meet you next month…greetzfromus …nice pics!!
      Little Brother

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