• Snow? Snow!

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    DSCF0007.JPGThis morning we had a little white surprise. I told you already that it had been relatively cold in the last couple of days. Instead of the 18 to 20 degrees centigrade we had in the first weeks of my arrival, we have been at around 10 degrees or less lately. As you can see in the picture, the Psiloritis mountains in the west were almost completely covered with snow (click on the image for a large view, beware it’s 180KB, so you’d better have a fast connection). By noon most of the snow in the lower parts had disappeared, but the more elevated parts were still covered. I just heard on the radio that this weekend will see temperatures as low as 5 degrees and almost certainly we will get snow all over the island. I’m most curious how that will influence local life…

    The technician came in today to fix the central heating. It’s a whole lot better now, and that’s only just in time, what with the predictions for lower temperatures and snow.

    Tonight I’m off to the local French community, who have kindly invited me to join their monthly gathering. Me being Belgian, I’m close enough to French I suppose to be allowed. Panagiotis and Pascale will be there, as a matter of fact Pascale is the one who convinced me to join them. It’ll be fun I’m sure. And I get to know more people.

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    1. 9 February, 2003 at 18:50

      Hoi Luc en Yvonne

      Proficiat met jullie website. Fijn nu kunnen we regelmatig eens kijken hoe jullie het doen daar op Kreta. ‘t Zal wel in het Nederlands zijn want mijn Engels zou minder vlot gelezen kunnen worden.
      Zo te lezen ben je al op de goede weg om je in te burgeren En Yvonne zit nog steeds in Belgi� hoorde ik van Ludo. Ze zal wel blij zijn dat ze ook haar koffers mag pakken binnenkort. Zo ik ga eens op mijn gemak eens alles doornemen wat jullie zoal te vertellen hebben maar dan in detail.
      Heel veel groetjes en veel succes vanwege Francois en Suzanne uit Hasselt
      Tot mails

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