• Micro climates are good for you

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    I hadn’t taken all these risks of driving off a cliff or getting stuck in the snow for no good reason. I had come to this region (the Messará valley, see my previous post) because there is a chance that I will be able to work here.

    The idea is that, because of the micro climate, this would be a perfect region for people who want to spend the cold European winters in a more welcoming and pleasant climate. Of course there are other regions where you can do that. Even on Crete, I’ve met people, the French in particular seem to belong to that class, who spend winter in Amoudara, for instance. Now, I don’t know what these agents who sell these packages tell these people. I do know that I would rather stay at home in freezin’ Kleine Spouwen, than spend the winter in Amoudara. I’ve written about Amoudara before. Basically it’s a ghost town in winter.

    Messara.jpg But spending the winter in the Messara Golf area, that is much more to my liking. Life is quiet and peaceful here. The geographic conditions are very friendly, it’s a valley, you don’t have to be a K2 expert to live here. There are possibilities for loooong walks though unspoiled nature. On your walks you pass through villages where people don’t get to see many foreigners, hence you get the “proper” welcome. You’re the diversion of the week. Normal social life continues the year through as these people actually live here, in contrast with the tourist places. Mires is a small but lively “townish” centre nearby, where you can get almost anything you need. I don’t know if Festos is open during the off season, but if it is, you probably have it all to yourself, if you like archaeological stuff. I bet you could still swim up until the end of December in places like Kali Limenes if you wanted to. In short, this comes close to paradise on earth. The picture on the left shows a view of the village Sivas taken from the south. You can see the Psiloritis in the background.

    I will let you know when we settle there…

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