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    by  • 24 March, 2003 • Travel • 3 Comments

    Just a few quick keystrokes to let you know that we are well on track with our packing. The movers are expected any day now, but not today. I telephoned the Cretan transport company this morning and I’m waiting for their return call now. We don’t regret that they didn’t show up at our doorstep this morning. As usual there are a few last-minute things that we forgot about, so the delay will give us time to handle this in a relaxed way.

    Yesterday we said goodbye to our families and closest friends. It was a beautiful day to celebrate our departure, bright sky, warm sunny early spring sunday. We had “lunch” at a Greek restaurant, until 8 o’clock in the evening. The meal was excellent, the atmosphere was great. As our friends, brothers and sisters left the party one by one, there were a few difficult, but also beautiful touching moments.

    We will miss them…

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    1. Eric
      25 March, 2003 at 12:27

      Hello Big Brother, hi Yvonne,

      At this moment your busy with the movers… just a few words to let you know that we enjoyed your ‘departure-party’ last sunny sunday…as well as our ‘laatste avondmaal’ yesterday evening…
      this is the final countdown…
      See you,
      Little Brother.

    2. Eric
      27 March, 2003 at 11:30

      Big Brother,

      did you noticed that BIG ERROR in comment1?
      your should be you’re…
      Enjoy the last hours in the center of Europe…called Belgium…
      Little Brother.

    3. Nadine & Frans
      27 March, 2003 at 14:33

      Hallo Luc en Yvonne,
      Dit is jullie laatste dag voor het grote vertrek.
      Dit land verlaten in volle zonneschijn is mooi.
      Kalo taxidi, veel geluk en …. de stalker zal nog wel eens bellen !
      Groetjes Nadine en frans

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