• First night, first mezé

    by  • 28 March, 2003 • Travel • 0 Comments

    Friday evening. The plane had left right on time in Düsseldorf. We had a little delay in Athens. Unlike on my way home 2 weeks earlier we had to leave the plane while it got re-fueled and cleaned up. All passengers with destination Iraklio were gathered in the hallway. After fifteen minutes we were guided to the baggage check once more and all our belongings were passed through the scanners again. Security check was much more severe than in Germany.

    At about 7 o’clock we landed in Iraklio. The temperature was around 14 degrees centigrade. We took a taxi to Carola and Andreas were I had left my car. They were both doing a late afternoon nap. Remember that the “afternoon” starts at around 5 or 6 and lasts till 9 or 10 in the evening. We got to the appartment in the pitch dark. The street lights were off for whatever reason. In good old fashioned tradition I carried Yvonne over the doorstep. Only just, my back wouldn’t allow more than a few steps. By the time we were done unpacking, Birte came back from her shopping. We had a glass of wine together, and we got the rundown on the latest developments in the building; the heating had broken down once more while I was away. What with the really bad weather (snow with 3 degrees centigrade on Tuesday) it was not fun at all. The landlord of course had done nothing to remedy the situtation, leaving it to Birthe or Atta, the lady in the appartment just below ours.

    At around 10 we set off to one of the ouzeria’s in the upper part of Fortetsa, where we had our first Greek meal together. There was a 2 man band playing live music and the atmosphere was excellent. Yvonne and I unfortunately were more tired than hungry, so after a couple of hours we left and went to bed. I can’t remember my head touching the pillow…

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