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    Okay, 1st of April is over now, we’re once more dealing with the harsh reality of every day.

    The movers came in with our stuff yesterday. We had exceeded our quota of truck space (we knew that when we loaded our belongings of course) and we had to pay a little extra. Still 50% below the other quotes we had received from the companies back home.

    After 2 hours everything was unloaded, thanks to Panagiotis who drove to hour home straight from school. I had the impression that the driver was not too pleased with the fact that we hadn’t line up more helping hands. After some head scratching he volunteered to handle the contents in the truck. When we started Panagiotis had not arrived yet, but fortunately Birte and Arta (our donwstairs neighbour) offered help when they noticed what was going on. Later Birte came back with a plate of gemistá, tomatoes and peppers stuffed with rice and minced meat. This is the true nature of Greek people (or even foreign people, as is the case for Birte, after they have been exposed long enough to the Greek way)! You can’t buy this for money.


    Now we have a house full of boxes and wrapped-up furniture! Most of the kitchen stuff we unpacked yesterday evening before going to bed. You’d hardly tell it from the heaps of boxes left. We also set up one wall (approximately 4 meters) of book shelves. Today Yvonne dealt mostly with the clothes, while I handled screw drivers, power drills and electricity outlets. It’s getting a little bit clearer, but we reckon we still need a couple of days before we can comfortably sit somewhere.

    I have the distinct feeling that we have a little bit more stuff than we can put in our appartment. Carola and Andreas have offered a spare storage room where we can temporarily put the excess stuff, until we find a bigger place. We allready went looking for a bigger appartment, but we like the view we have now so much (even with the continuous bad weather) that we decided not to take it.

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    1. Ludo Dubois
      3 April, 2003 at 21:36

      Hey Luc en Yvonne,

      zo te zien komt alles stilletjes op zijn plaats.
      Als nu de helft van hetgeen in je ‘aprilgrap’ suggereert nu ook nog uitkomt, zit je wel goed. Het is jullie uiteraard van harte gegund.
      We hebben nog heel wat nagekaart over jullie afscheidsfeeest en -etentje, ‘t was h��l plezant … en ontroerend.
      Het gaat jullie goed daarginder, tot schrijfs.


    2. Eric Dubois
      4 April, 2003 at 13:56

      Hi Cretenzer, Ti kanete?

      A good advice Big Brother… never move into a smaller place…it’s frustrating…
      You should do like me… (don’t eat your pencil now!) and find a nice big house, in a small town, ‘en plaine nature’, with big rooms, high ceilings, wallpeintings, well balanced, with lot of light, a nice garden…with even gardenlights…
      (oh my goodness… you ‘are’ eating you pencil…)
      Yvonne! Help him… sauve lui… save him…
      Tomorrow…a new day…a new start…
      Until the (sunny) day we meet again…
      Little Brother.

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