• Time flies

    by  • 9 April, 2003 • General • 1 Comment

    Wednesday already! It has been a week since our furniture was delivered. We’ve cleared a bit over 100 of the 136 boxes that were occupying all the rooms last week. What’s remaining in boxes is mostly powertools and computer/office stuff. There is also three more lounge chairs still packed which we purchased form IKEA before leaving home. Yvonne decided to give the kitchen table and chairs yet another painting job. From their original state of natural wood in 1976 (IKEA again), they’ve gone to marine blue first, then to bordeaux red, now to lime green. The result looks nice and soft in our small kitchen. I’ve been laying carpet in the room that we intend to turn into a small office annex guest room because the wooden floor couldn’t stand the feet of our office chairs-on-wheels.

    We’ll need to get some of the stuff to a temporary shelter. There is the bed we took from home which we won’t be needing for a while since I already purchased a new one when I arrived here in january. We keep the old one for when we will have our own (hopefully larger) house. There are various boxes with things that we won’t need immediately but which I didn’t want to leave behind, like a chainsaw (nobody leaves his chainsaw behind), there are at least six boxes with various office ustensils that we have no room for momentarily and there are a few big computer monitors which take up too much room in our small office. We will do with my Apple Macintosh TiBook and the old Gateway box with a 15″ monitor for a while.

    Ivo finally got his brand new 1Mhz Powerbook connected to the internet, but the email address he used to send me an electronic greeting card bounced. I hope he reads this and sends me a straigth email message so that I can figure out what is wrong.

    I got a really nice job interview today, in a nice area, with nice people, doing interesting work, but I can’t tell you about it yet, lest I kill you immediately afterwards. Saturday I’ll know more…

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    1. Eric Dubois
      24 April, 2003 at 0:31

      Good evening Big Brother,

      Like the title tells us… have you noticed that you haven’t done any updating since the 9th of April. Does this mean that you have the job? and that you don’t have the time to inform the people you left behind in a coutry where the chickens get the flu…where the cows become crazy…where pigeons may no longer fly…can you imagine that …where Steve becomes president of the SP? This is THE place where THE action is. I guess you regret that you left…
      and I guess that it’s time to go to sleep… Kalinichta…
      Little Brother.

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