• Letter from outer space

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    An interesting letter came in this morning. From the Greek Embassy in Brussels. I had written them asking for a document which would allow me to register my car duty-free in Greece, as I can do in any other European country. Greece is notorious for ignoring European regulations in that respect.

    Anyway, I don’t remember by heart when I sent my letter, but it must have been 4 or 5 weeks ago. I also included at that time all relevant documents, like copies of our pasports, copies of my car documents, a document from the city hall in Bilzen stating that I had left the country, etc… The answer came this morning: “if I could please present myself, together with my spouse, in their offices in Brussels, and after I would submit all the relevant documents, they would provide me with the requested document.” Now, let’s see, it took them 5 weeks to let me know that they want me to show up in the flesh, drag my wife over there as well and “submit the relevant documents” which I had sent them in the first place already (and which they neatly returned with this letter). Why? What for? Why not give me real information, like telling me if the submitted documents were correct?


    You can’t convince me that they are naturally born that way. There must be some serious genetic manipulation involved to do such a thing. Sorry for the outburst, but I really, really, really don’t understand this behaviour, this attitude.

    In favour of the lady who answered my letter I must add that she replied in Dutch at least, the language I wrote my letter in. She signed with her title in French though, so I assume she made a real effort, which deserves some respect.

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