• So what’s going on, anyway?

    by  • 29 May, 2003 • Uncategorized • 0 Comments

    Héhé, quite a few of you must be wondering what the heck is going on. To tell you the truth, not much these days. That’s the problem: not much interesting happening to tell a story. Routine is creeping in, I suppose. We can still sit silently on our balcony, admiring the Psiloritis top, but it’s becoming a common sight. It’s always there. You get used to it. Every now and then we realize how lucky we are, sipping our local village wine, with some dolmadakia, tomatoes or olives, on the balcony peacefully staring at some far away point ahead of us in the great void, and counting our blessings.

    For the moment we’re somewhat between phases. We’ve taken the biggest hurdle (moving here) and are slowly recovering from it. The next step is to realize our dream. In order to do that we must have our house sold first. That has not happened yet, so we’re biding our time.

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