• My kingdom for a back

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    I’ve had a serious crisis just now, “just now” meaning the past 72 hours. Most of those 72 hours were spent flat in bed, or on other horizontal surfaces that weren’t too hot. I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t stand, I could hardly walk.

    It had all started 3 weeks earlier when lifting one of the office desks with my collegue. My back snapped and I knew I could be in trouble. I thought I had it all under control by doing the exercises my fysiotherapist prescribed back in Holland. But the pain didn’t go away, my back got stiffer and stiffer and I gradually attained a posture that wasn’t very healthy anymore. Last week Friday I finally decided to get profesional help and after making some inquiries, I got an address from Ingrid (a very nice Dutch lady who has lived here for 30 something years). I haven’t met Ingrid face to face yet, but I’m already enormously grateful to her. Anyway, I phoned to make an appointment and the guy at the other side turns out to be a Greek raised in France, who had gotten his ostheopathy degree in Belgium. Belgium has a hell of a good reputation in training ostheopaths it seems. Little did I know. The rendez-vous was set for Monday 1 o’clock in the afternoon..

    Oh, and for the curious, here is a reasonably good and concise explanation of the difference between Ostheopathy and Chiropractics

    Sunday I was still reasonably okay. I went to meet Frans and Nadine in Margerites in the afternoon, it’s a one hour drive. We had a couple of drinks together while we talked and at around 8 in the evening I left them for Iraklio. During the drive back my right buttock and leg started aching very badly. My back was doing it again. You see, when my back feels unhappy, it decides it’s not going to take all the pressure alone and starts squeezing some nerves it can reach. Those are the ones located in my spline, unfortunately. Somehow my left side seems to be able to escape, but the poor nerves that control the right side are cruelly mistreated. By the time I got to Kato Gouves to pick up Yvonne, I could hardly get out of the car. Driving the 15 minutes from Kato Gouves to Iraklio was pure torture. When I got home I limped straight to bed. On Monday morning I knew I couldn’t keep in a chair for more than 2 minutes, so I phoned the office to tell them I would come after my session with the therapist. I had to drive up to the therapist myself as Yvonne had to go to work. I dropped her off at the bus station in town and continued alone. I was an hour early, and waiting in the hot sun in the car made me fall asleep. (As long as I can get in some horizontal-like position, I’m reasonably okay). I was woken up by a friendly face who addressed me in French. That was the last “friendly” aspect I saw of him for a while…

    In the next hour I was squeezed and pulled and pushed and hammered on in a fashion that wouldn’t do badly in a medieval torture chamber. When I got back in the car I was worse off than when I entered the building, or so I felt. Every muscle in my body, every bone, every nerve yelled for help. Somehow I managed to get my car on the road and by keeping as still as the road condition would allow me I managed to drive home. Good thing I have an automatic. Needless to say I didn’t return to the office, not for a few days.

    The next 72 hours I remained painfully flat. Last night I got up a few times to dabble around in the house. After 30 minutes or so I would have to lie down again. This morning I felt better for the first time, so I announced to Yvonne that I wanted to go to work. I also had my second encounter with ostheopathy today at 4 o’clock and I wanted to flex my muscles a little bit before the confrontation. I’m pleased to say that my therapist was too (got it?) and that the treatment was a whole lot “softer” this time. When I left an hour ago, I felt as if I had a completely new back. My kingdom as it turns out is valued at €150…

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