• Oh boy…!

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    I just read this article on Microsoft in the New York Times where Bill Gates himself reveals two interesting numbers: first is that there are about 600 million Microsoft customers. That’s a nice piece of income for mr. Gates. The second number is that approximately — by the Bill’s own admission — 5% of all Windows users crash their system more than twice a day!

    Chotsalmegenadigzijn!” as they say in that little patch of the world know as Limburg. That’s 30 million people rebooting their crashed system at least 3 times a day. That’s at least 90 million Windows system crashes a day, without counting those systems that crash like say only twice a day or less, like huh! as if there are any like that!

    I sure hope none of my friends belong to this masochistic bunch of 30 million!

    Windows! When do you want to crash today?

    Hey, don’t blame me, it’s the Bill man himself who said it!

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    1. Paul Mannix
      28 July, 2003 at 18:23

      Well, I lessened the pain considerably when I took a mega leap from Windows 95 to Windows XP Home earlier this year. Now, instead of an almost daily crasher, I run my stylish Sony Vaio PCV-W30 for about a week at a time and then reboot it just because it seems like a good idea!

    2. Eric Dubois
      29 July, 2003 at 17:57

      Hi Big Brother,

      I’m not one of those 30 million !!
      Luckely I asked you some advice when I intended to buy my system? From what I heard…I’m not the only one …!!!

      See you…uh…hear you…uh…read you !!

      Little Brother

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