• Having a life

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    I’m torn. I’m having a serious conflict, and like serious conflicts tend to do, it won’t go away by itself. I kinda hoped it would, but it won’t. Damn.
    It’s like this: I’m not writing enough in this blog-o-sphere of mine, the one you’re reading right now. That’s because my life is too exciting, I’ve got too much to do, I’m living too much, so to speak. “Where’s the problem”, you are saying, “that must leave you with plenty of material to write about, or not?”
    Well, that’s the problem, it seems that having a life and writing about one are sort of mutually exclusive, to me at least. In the morning I’m too excited to get started for me to quietly sit down and contemplate what I should write about. In the evening I stop too late and I’m too tired then to reflect on what I’ve been doing and share it with you my readers. In between I’m just being busy. Does that make sense to any of you?
    So I’ve decided to not worry about writing well rounded nicely polished articles anymore. I’ll just start scribbling and stop when I feel like it.
    Like now. Enjoy the day.
    Oh, and it’s Liselore’s birthday today! Congratulations Liselore!

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    1. peter Timmermans
      31 October, 2003 at 0:10

      Hello Luc,
      Great to hear you still have a life! Started to wonder about that. Scribble ahead, it beats this awfull silence.

      At the open institution where you used to work as well, we were informed today that Ron is to be our new head of department. Wish him luck!

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